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Soccer Training 
and Education

Stefan Clemens offers experienced soccer coaching to all ages. Each soccer session covers agility, coordination, speed, and endurance. Specific ball activities include juggling, dribbling, passing, receiving, crossing, and shooting. To bring the game to life, tactical areas are covered including positional awareness, vision in tight spaces, and movement off the ball. 

Personal Training Payment Structure:

1 player @ $100/hour
2 players @ $60/hour for each player
3+ players @ $50/hour for each player

Sign up for 4 sessions (4 weeks) at a time: $20 off total
Sign up for 8 sessions (8 weeks) at a time: $50 off total

Trainings can be 1.5 hours or up to 2 hours upon request.
Fees include Coach and Equipment

Camps, Clinics, Tournaments - Schedule 

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Training with Teammates and Friends!

A great way for our youth players to improve in the game of soccer is to compete with their friends and peers. The competitive nature of each player is a driving force in their development. Individual attention is necessary for a good touch and confidant ball handling skills, but when adding a teammate or defender that is similar in soccer ability, players think quicker and create solutions while under pressure. When players practice under pressure, they become aware of the speed of the game and will improve at a more rapid pace. Additional players are also beneficial for passing and receiving and combination play. Creating advantage situations in games allows players to use their teammates to beat an opponent. When 4vs3, 3vs2, 2vs1, and 1vs1 situations are happened upon in a game scenario, it must be exploited right away with speed into generated space. It is vital to to keep in mind that the objective of the game of soccer is to score goals (offensive mindset), and prevent goals allowed (defensive mindset). 

24 Hour Cancellation Policy 

Effective March 1, 2015, Double Scissors will be implementing a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. Please understand that when you cancel your session without giving enough notice, we will miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on the waiting list miss the opportunity to receive a training. 

Less than 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to 100% of the reserved training amount. 
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