Double Scissors Soccer Academy - "Here to create"

Building strength of character. Teach and preach respect for others and the game. Leading by example, showing healthy competitive drive to produce something special on the field.

Provide a place for youth soccer players to enhance their skills, improve speed and endurance, and learn important rules of the game and styles of play. Developing the technical skills of the game in a fun and enthusiastic environment. "Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string." -Pele.

Age Specific Training:

Soccer development with emphasis on speed, agility, balance, coordination, and basic fundamentals of the game. Technical skill (how to properly touch the ball) and ball mastery (getting touches on the ball) is essential to become a better player and move forward with tactical team play, combination play, and positional and game awareness. Young players between the ages of 6-11 require thousands of touches on the ball. Dribbling, passing and receiving, and shooting are the focus at that age. These players also enjoy playing in game so allowing the players to play 4 vs 4 is very important. The game is where the players can express themselves. Be creative and show their personality. Players between the ages of 12-15 continue to develop their first touch through passing and receiving, but also transition into learning the tactics of the game through positioning, spacing, combination play, ball oriented defense, and systems of play. Leadership and communication on the field is important to be a good teammate, as well as understand their role and position on the field. Double Scissors Soccer Academy takes leadership to the next level, which starts with knowledge of the game and how to transfer that knowledge on to their teammates. 

Personal and group training sessions cover all aspects of soccer including the mental, physical, and emotional part of the game. Off the field, in an education session, youth players can engage themselves mentally by watching soccer videos, listening and observing board lectures, and engaging in conversation about personal questions or concerns.

Training Sessions Include:

Agility and Coordination
Quickness and speed
Running Technique and Balance 
Endurance and Strength
Dribbling (Mastering the ball through touches, moves, turns)
Passing and Receiving  
Set Pieces (Free Kicks, Corner Kicks, Penalty Kicks, Throw In)

Education Sessions:

Soccer Psychology
Formations and Systems of Play  
Rules of the game 
Board Lectures  
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